SULTRY | Creator Lash Book

SULTRY | Creator Lash Book

$39.99 $79.99

For a limited time, DAME Boss is releasing our "Creator Lash Book"

* PSA this lash book was not made for the weak, they are big + bold! If this is not your style then you will love other DAME Boss lash styles that are more natural.

This book was made for creators to experiment without fear of ruining expensive lashes

This book was made for first time lash wearers + makeup lovers to practice applying lashes

This book was made to relieve stress and take you to a safe space to create

I you are a makeup lover, you understand how sitting down at your vanity and creating can relief so much stress and worry

The "SULTRY | Creator Lash Book" has 3 different styles of lashes to cut, create, and customize to your liking


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