My Story

I started DAME BOSS at the age of 19. I just finished makeup school, was working two jobs, and ended a controlling relationship. I knew I wanted control over myself and my life. It took me a minute to realize the future of my life was in my control. I didn't need a fancy degree or lots of money to create the life I wanted to live. I was holding myself back and needed to take control and go after what I wanted.

I started researching the many possibilities of making money. There are so many ways though I wanted to be involved in the whole process. I felt like creating my own product and business was my best option. I started looking for products in May of 2017 before getting silk eyelash samples in June of 2017. Even though I barely had time any more to do my makeup in the morning, I would always put on a pair of lashes. A good pair of lashes really made me feel more confident especially working 15 hours day you need to feel kick ass to survive those. I knew very little about what I was getting myself into, but I knew I could figure it out by putting in a crazy amount of work. 

I first called the business Lady Boss because changing it to DAME BOSS. I felt it was more unique and more powerful. I am just starting my journey and I already feel so motivated. I want this company to be a brand and a support group for women to not only be a boss but build each other along the way. I'm taking control of my life and giving control to women to fulfill there dreams. 

Be a Boss. Build a Boss. DAME BOSS.