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Become your own DAME boss

Become your own DAME boss

I started my journey becoming my own DAME boss in April of 2017. I moved from Findlay, Ohio down to Orlando, Florida to go to makeup school. After graduating makeup school in January 2017, I started doing more makeup on the side, but still needed two jobs to pay my rent, bills, food, gas, and have a little fun. I knew I didn't want to be in this position forever. I was working 60 hours a week for not the kind of money or freedom I wanted. I wanted to take control of my life. Once I stopped feeling sorry for myself, I realize that the change I wanted in my life started with me. If you aren't happy with your situation change it.

I started researching how to make actual money without a college degree. A lot of ideas came up like drop shipping, reselling, marketing, and online business. I researched all of my options. Even though there might have been cheaper or "easier" ways to make money creating my own products. I wanted something I had complete control of (you will see control of myself, my happiness, and my life is a huge theme that keeps reoccurring in my journey). Once I knew lashes is where I wanted to start I started researching how to make my dreams come to life. 

You might be in the same position I am in. You want more control over your life, happiness, and time. I don't want to just inspire you, but help you achieve your dreams whether that is a whole new career or extra income on the side.

Every week I'll post a tip on what has helped me create my business and start the journey of my dream. Hopefully I can help you stay away from some of my mistakes and show you a few things I know. 

Thanks for coming along for the journey!

YOU are the DAME boss of your life... so go after it!


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